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Who Stands to Win the Battle for Consumers’ Time, Attention, and Money

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In today’s financial climate, marketers are expected to do more with less, in addition to keeping up with consumer trends and creating memorable customer experiences. But with macroeconomic turmoil and digital markets in flux, who is set to win over inflation-impacted consumers?

Check out eMarketer The Great Realignment StatPack report to see how brands are advertising to and engaging with consumers, and key market changes that are impacting the way they communicate with customers including third-party cookie loss, signal loss, and the push for stronger omnichannel experiences

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  • Understand where a permanent e-commerce acceleration did and didn’t happen—and the drivers of that growth
  • Learn about new advertising opportunities on emerging digital platforms like CTV, podcasts, and gaming
  • Position your advertising commerce strategies to adapt to new social media trends and platforms like TikTok
  • Understand the value of platforms that can connect the dots between video, content creators, and e-commerce