General Data Protection Regulation 2017

Identifying its impact on marketers and the consumer’s moment of truth

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General Data Protection Regulation 2017

Executive Summary

The focus of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may be European data, but its reach extends much further, applying to any company (including those in the US) collecting, storing and processing the data of EU citizens. This means its key aim of improving and protecting consumer rights is set to raise the standard of data processing transparency, globally. Giving users the right to access, correct, delete, and transfer the data held about them, GDPR will provide consumers with a deeper understanding of the way brands perceive them and how to realize the value of their personal data.

The countdown is on. Companies must get their data practices in line. But they should also see GDPR as an opportunity to provide what today’s consumers want – clarity and processes that put their individual rights first.

Download dataIQ’s General Data Protection Regulation 2017 report to:

  • Understand the consumer perspective on data collection, consent, context and control
  • Understand the business/marketer’s processes, opportunities and challenges in adjusting to the new Regulation
  • Identify any mis-alignments between the two sides’ views of the data exchange and their root causes.
    This whitepaper looks into how aware consumers are of the way data is collected from their digital footprint, as well as how businesses rely on these data streams to deliver personalized services and a better customer experience.