How Organizations Buy, Implement and Use CDPs


“This survey is a wake-up call for everyone who uses customer data: while many have an existing system that’s called a CDP, half of those systems don’t meet even the most basic CDP requirements. Even fewer provide other important features. Companies need to be rigorous in defining what they need from a CDP and be sure they find a solution that can actually provide it.” David Raab, CDP Institute

“Bad data is a silent killer of otherwise great marketing programs. This guide is a fantastic primer on why getting your data strategy right (and applying the right resources to do it) can be make or break for your objectives and success.” Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing

“This is a helpful and practical guide for anyone evaluating a CDP.” Howard Sewell, Spear Marketing Group

We asked over 300 U.S. marketing, analytics and data decision makers how they leverage CDPs today, the challenges they face with current vendors and their future plans for CDP technology. Download now to discover the key findings and how to:

  • Make sense of the CDP landscape
  • Use CDPs to break down internal silos
  • Prepare for the future of data orchestration
  • Set up your organization for data success

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