Designing and Executing Methodologies for Data Collection, Enrichment, and Activation


Executive Summary

Having a clearly defined data strategy is a necessity in creating exceptional moments with customers and ensuring long-term brand loyalty. Yet most organizations aren’t sure which strategies and methodologies need to be implemented to ensure accurate and seamless alignment of data within the overall business strategy.

Download this Q&A, with Industry Expert Ted Sfikas, to learn specific recommendations, tactics, and keys to success in designing best-in-class methodologies for data collection, enrichment, and activation. In the report, you’ll discover:

  • 3 keys to create a high performing data and analytics program
  • Top recommendations for data collection, enrichment, and activation approaches
  • Who should be involved in onboarding new technology vendors into a brand’s data supply chain

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Resource Type: Whitepaper
Topic: Data Orchestration, Governance, Industry Expert Series