Permission and the Relationship Economy

Data, consent and value – the new retail bargain

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Only 14% of consumers believe half the customer communications they receive from brands are relevant to them. 55% of marketers believe that half of their customer communications are really relevant. How do we bridge this disconnect between customer expectations and our ability to deliver? As an organisation, do you understand what your customers want and can you deliver on this in real-time, across all channels?

Zero party data is information from the consumer about their preferences and shopping habits, given to you with the explicit expectation that you will use it to provide them with a better customer experience. Is this the answer?

Download our latest report as we dive into the concept of Zero Party Data, Consent and the Value Exchange of personal data.

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Read key findings such as:

  • 75% of brands say that this ‘customer bargain’ of having informed consent at each stage of interaction is either extremely or very important.
  • Only 14% of consumers feel that more than half of the emails they receive are relevant or of use to them, with 55% of Marketers believing that more than half of all the emails leaving their organisation are relevant to the individual recipient.
  • GDPR highlighted to consumers the importance of their data with many happy to give information away to retailers for as little as a 5% discount.