Research In Action: Customer Data Platform (CDP) Buyer’s Guide

A guide to making informed purchasing decisions for your CDP

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evaluating a CDP

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have become a hot commodity for businesses looking to better leverage their customer data to fuel amazing customer experiences. Whether you are just beginning your research or are seriously evaluating a CDP, analyst report from Research In Action emphasizes the importance of selecting the right solution for your organization.

“Tealium is the global leader in Customer Data Management, leveraging customer data to fuel CX, create insights and analysis, and optimize the Martech stack.” – Research in Action Analyst Report

In Research In Action’s CDP Buyer’s Guide, you’ll uncover survey results of over 1500 marketing and business managers, the best CDP evaluation scores across 15 different vendors, and tips and tricks to guide you while evaluating a CDP.

Get Research In Action’s CDP Buyer’s Guide to uncover:

  • CDP market trends and insights
  • Top 6 benefits by using CDP technology
  • Priorities to consider when evaluating CDP vendors
  • Vendor selection matrix for the top 15 global vendors