Returning to Adventure

An expert travel guide to post-pandemic adventure

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As Europe starts to come out from over 2 years of lockdown (to greater or lesser degrees depending on local measures), consumers are looking to take advantage of the ability to escape on holiday once again.

This brings a huge opportunity to the travel and hospitality sector, but it also highlights the need, more so than ever, to understand consumers needs and drivers of today. 

Our latest research, Returning to Adventure, deep-dives into what consumer attitudes to holiday bookings look like post-pandemic, what drives loyalty to result in return bookings, and how people are holidaying post-lockdown.

Download the guide to learn:

  • How the public is approaching travel post covid
  • Relevant loyalty drivers – which habits are hard to drop, and which anxieties are harder to quell
  • How to identify promotional opportunities after personal and financial disruptions through the spikes of the pandemic and the current ‘cost of living’ crisis
  • Country focus – attitudes and quirks of consumers across the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain