Tackling the Consumer Duty

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‘Urgency not panic’ is the is an important phrase to recite with the deadline for the implementation of the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Consumer Duty regulation looming in the United Kingdom.

Pressure is on for those finding themselves behind schedule in integrating the right systems and processes into their customers’ journeys and experiences, yet while such a situation introduces pressure, it needn’t introduce panic.

The overall aim of the Duty is to ensure transparency with consumer-facing FSI organisations. What this means in practice is that every touchpoint and interaction with the customer should end in what the FCA calls ‘a good outcome’.

Download our latest eBook, Tackling the Consumer Duty, and be guided through every step of the Consumer Duty regulation:

  • What does the Consumer Duty mean for my business?
  • Which internal stakeholders need to be brought on board to create our framework?
  • How can we define a positive outcome as expected within the Consumer Duty?
  • What framework do I need to establish to bring the right customer data together to comply with the Consumer Duty?
  • What tools can I put in place to measure a positive outcome after a customer interaction?
  • How do I demonstrate my compliance with the Consumer Duty?
  • How do I identify when third-party data is essential to delivering a positive outcome, and how do I source this?
  • Where does legitimate interest come into consideration for delivering a positive outcome?