The 11 Core Functionalities of a Successful Data Strategy

The 11 Core Functionalities of a Successful Data Strategy

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The 11 Core Functionalities of a Successful Data Strategy

The complexity of achieving a customer experience that matches or exceeds ever-increasing expectations grows by the day. The foundation upon which all experiences are built, no matter the technology or team, is data. In a sea of point solutions with overlapping and disparate capabilities, it’s essential to have a unified data foundation with certain critical functionality.

As the marketing technology industry has matured, it’s become clear that the only constant is change. This magnifies the importance of establishing a unified approach to data that empowers cross-organizational collection, access and activation of the company’s most powerful, comprehensive data set.

This paper gives a roadmap for implementing a universal approach to data that lays the foundation for providing a world-class customer experience today, while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to new technologies and behaviors in the future. Download our white paper today to get started.

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Download our Customer Data Hub white paper to learn:

  • 4 Key Tenets to Building a Customer Data Hub – The core principles to keep in mind as you construct a marketing stack built on comprehensive data.
  • 10 Critical Functionalities for your Unified Data Approach – What specific functional requirements should be on your list when evaluating a solution.
  • The Importance of Vendor Neutrality for a Best-in-Breed Marketing Stack – How to build a data strategy that can adapt as technology evolves and customer behavior diversifies.