The First-Party Future of Marketing

How Tealium and Meta are helping companies use first-party data to optimise customer experiences

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For years, marketers have relied on third-party data to create personalised experiences for their customers. While far from perfect, third-party data was easy to get, widely available and drove performance for marketers. However, its effectiveness is quickly waning

Today, consumers want to know how their data is being collected and used. Governments are responding with new data privacy regulations. Companies are making changes to their web browsers and devices to limit the use of third party cookies.

Amid this increasing premium on privacy, consumers still expect personalised experiences from the brands they interact with. This is requiring marketers to rethink how they collect and use data. Strategies that focus on first-party data—which customers provide directly to businesses—are making it possible to deliver on both privacy and personalisation for customers.

Tealium is partnering with Meta to build out performance solutions for today’s ad landscape. Together, we’re helping marketers integrate first-party data capabilities that deliver timely and accurate insights in privacy-first ways.

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