The Future of Pharma is Data-Centric

Independent Survey Finds New Opportunities to Better Engage HCPs and Patients

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There are new opportunities for pharma companies to provide proactive experiences, better engage HCPs, and retain patients. To deliver these experiences and improve the HCP journey, pharma companies need to recognize and understand HCPs in various contexts, which requires connected and unified data.

To help pharma companies do this, Tealium surveyed over 400 healthcare practitioners to learn more about how they perceive the value of their relationship with pharma reps, the quality of information they receive from pharma companies, and how recommendations from patients influence their actions.

In the survey, The Future of Pharma is Data-Centric, discover key findings and research results, understand the importance of connected and unified data, and see how to utilize a CDP to improve HCP and patient experiences.

Download the report to discover the key findings, including:

  • The top 4 influencing factors in pharmaceutical selection for prescription
  • The preferred information sources for new pharmaceuticals by priority
  • How pharma brands influence HCP decisions through targeted information
  • Insights into the value of sales rep relationships, communication, and information