The Post-Pandemic Holidaymaker

React to new traveller behaviours to drive success

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As Europe starts to come out from a year of lockdown (to greater or lesser degrees depending on local measures), consumers are looking to take advantage of the ability to escape on holiday once again.

This brings a huge opportunity to the travel and hospitality sectors, but it also highlights the need, more so than ever, to understand the consumer and be smart about how to target them.

How ready are travel and hospitality organisations to take advantage of the opportunity in front of them?

Read this ebook to:

  • The post-pandemic consumer, what key behaviours are we seeing?
  • A dive into the attitudes of holidaymakers across Europe, what are the new booking trends post-pandemic?
  • Loyalty drivers, the importance of creating a value exchange and trust with customers
  • What promotions drive holidaymakers to either rebook with you, or look elsewhere?
  • Tools and technologies you need to support the ability to adapt in real-time