The Present and Future of Travel Marketing

A 2021 Travel Guide

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Of all the sectors that were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, travel was perhaps the most immediately and severely hit. Yet as the demand for travel picks up we are seeing that the 2021 customer is not the same customer we saw in 2019, and behaviours aren’t reverting to the way they were pre-pandemic. 

To be able to harness the opportunity facing the travel industry today, marketers need to account for the new consumer behaviours and attitudes that will likely continue to shift and evolve. Listening, hearing, understanding and communicating in a way that makes sense to who the customer is today.

Read this ebook to find out:

  • The picture of travel in 2021, the new customer behaviours and attitudes towards travel post-pandemic
  • How industry changes, such as third-party cookie loss, brings with it the need for a data-driven culture
  • Show me you know me, the importance of creating a value exchange and trust with customers 
  • Benefits of centralising customer data and the key to success in a sector poised for growth and recovery