The ROI of Tag Management

Learn why marketers at major brands worldwide are relying on tag management more than ever to maximize their technology investments and drive revenue.

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Executive Summary

Back in 2012, the first “ROI of Tag Management” report examined the website tag, exploring how efficiently managing these small pieces of code played an outsized role in simplifying a complex ecosystem. In this new research, we find that tags and tag management are even more important to the efficiency and success of digital marketing on a broader scale.

This report is the result of an online survey fielded in January of 2015 and taken by 311 digital marketers familiar with their organization’s use of tags. It confirms that vendor tags sit at the heart of digital business and marketing. In fact, 86% of the respondents agree that “Effectively managing website tags is fundamental to digital marketing.”

Almost all marketing technologies demand the implementation of tags. This trend shows no sign of abating. Ninety-one percent of respondents agree that complexity will only increase as data-driven tools are added.

With 51% of organizations working with..

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