The role of the CDP in Highly Regulated Industries: Banking

When you can’t afford to take chances with customer data.

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Money is central to every aspect of our lives – from where we live and the house we live in, where we holiday, the healthcare we can (or can’t afford). It arguably impacts our physical and mental health!

In today’s world, banks are an extended family member. 

Present throughout, not just a customer journey – but a life journey. Banks play a central role in supporting the customer through both day to day life, and major events. However, to do this they need to understand how their customer’s banking behaviours inform their financial situation and how, and when, to offer promotions and services (all the while acting with the customer’s best interests at heart).

Download our latest guide, The role of the CDP in Highly Regulated Industries: Banking, to learn:

  • Balancing GDPR compliance with the ability to harness insight through data.
  • The role of the CDP in Banking: Data for loyalty.
  • Putting this into practice – what does an acquisition and retention strategy look like?
  • The balance between security and collaboration in data management.