The role of the CDP in Highly Regulated Industries: Healthcare

When you can’t afford to take chances with customer data.

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‘Health’ goes beyond simply not being unhealthy – it’s not just the absence or otherwise of illness. It includes physical and mental wellbeing, and everything which is impacted by it, from social inclusion and integration through to education and financial security.

It underpins every aspect of our lives, and as such is some of the most sensitive personal data that a company has to handle. 

Healthcare data has two main threads. Firstly, the ‘commercial’ angle – how healthcare providers identify, engage, recruit, and retain new customers to their care plans. Secondly – and where our focus lies here – the ‘responsibility’ angle.

In both regards, the quality of the data is essential.

Download our latest guide, The role of the CDP in Highly Regulated Industries: Healthcare, to learn:

  • Balancing GDPR compliance with the ability to harness insight through data.
  • The role of the CDP in Healthcare: A tailored – but unobtrusive – approach.
  • Putting this into practice – what does an acquisition and retention strategy look like?
  • The balance between security and collaboration in data management.