Customer Data – The New Value Exchange

With the continued explosion of digital and data-centric technologies, a rich stream of customer data is increasingly available to today’s marketers – and a company’s first-party data is undoubtedly a growing source of competitive advantage. But the opportunity to generate deeper customer insights and understanding with that data comes with the expectation of a connection or interaction that goes beyond the transactional.

During this interactive discussion, Adam Corey – VP of Marketing at Tealium – explores how data has become the new ‘value exchange’ between brands and consumers, and how to leverage that data to generate business value while maintaining consumer trust and loyalty. He shares: – the pivotal moments of data capture that brands should focus on (or steer away from)

  • the key differences between a transactional vs. emotional data exchange
  • the core principles of a successful data-driven approach
  • the critical elements of a comprehensive data security/ privacy practice