Privacy & Data Protection

Tealium believes in a world where our customers have complete control over their data, and have robust data privacy capabilities to extend to their end users. Tealium offers a number of features within our leading tag management system, Tealium iQ, that support organizations who want to have more precise control over their customer data and marketing technologies.

Privacy Widget

The Tealium iQ privacy widget enables you to easily offer opt-in or opt-out choices to your online visitors, providing total control over which third-party vendors or cookies those visitors want to allow while browsing that customer’s web properties.

Support for Do Not Track

While many third-party vendors have not yet committed, Tealium offers support for Do Not Track, which enables you to provide end users with a single, simple, persistent choice to opt out of third-party tracking from a web browser. Tealium iQ ensures that a user’s Do Not Track settings are honored by simply preventing various vendor tags from functioning on a web page, or stopping the vendor code from being downloaded to the page.

Regional Compliance

Some countries have very specific laws about what types of information organizations can collect about their online visitors, and what sort of privacy options must be enabled – this includes any tags collecting data, all of which must be compliant with local in-country privacy regulations. Tealium iQ supports geography-based privacy compliance, allowing organizations to apply standards by country and giving precise control over the data collection practices of each vendor.

Vendor Management

Tealium iQ gives you control over which vendors get access to your data, allowing you to audit the data collection practices of each vendor tag. Alongside more governance over your online vendors, Tealium iQ offers insight into how tags are operating—from page location to internal ownership—across all of your web pages.