Tealium iQ Tag Management Extensions: A Toolbox for Doing More With Your Tag Data


In addition to providing traditional tag management capabilities like adding and removing marketing tags, Tealium iQ Tag Management also includes additional capabilities for data standardization, data collection, managing compliance and more through customizations known as “extensions”.


Calling Tealium iQ a “Tag Management System” doesn’t accurately capture the full value of the tool. To some, tag management only means adding and removing advertising tags from a web page. That’s certainly part of it, but tags can do more than simply communicate with 3rd party vendors. In addition to providing traditional tag management capabilities like adding and removing marketing tags, Tealium iQ also includes additional capabilities for data standardization, data collection, data cleansing, managing compliance, split testing, and more through customizations known as “extensions”.

Think of extensions in Tealium iQ as a toolbox with a variety of different tools that enable organizations to do things like update data layer variables, add advanced event tracking to a website and more all without the need for coding these functions out manually. 

Extensions are available through a simple dashboard in Tealium and include over 20 pre-built extension modules. When an extension is added to your configuration, then saved and published, the logic in the extension is converted to JavaScript code that then runs in the utag files that load on your website. When a pre-built module doesn’t fit the needs of the business, customers can use the JavaScript Code Extension to safely implement custom code and functionality. 

Take a deeper dive into some of our most popular extensions in this datasheet or view the Master List of over 25 extensions within Tealium iQ Tag Management.  

E-Commerce Extension: Leverage E-Commerce Data

To help keep commerce technology partners in sync, Tealium users can leverage the E-commerce extension which is an easy way to map common E-commerce data from the data layer to individual vendors quickly and easily. 

It also contains a standard data set used by many analytics, affiliate reconciliation, and revenue-based marketing tags like E-commerce tracking for Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and ChannelAdvisor, just to name a few. 

Segmentation Extension: Enable Split Testing

To decide which content and marketing strategies are creating the most value for your business, use the Split Segmentation Extension in Tealium. This extension enables users to intentionally or randomly create new segments of website visitors and then run a simple A/B test to evaluate calls to action or personalized content. 

Another way to use the Split Segmentation Extension is when evaluating a new technology vendor. The extension makes this normally difficult task easy by enabling users to test the performance of different marketing technology vendors against each other so that they can quickly evaluate and choose the vendor that delivers the best results for your business.

View-Through Tracking: Instant Ad Creative and Campaign Insights

To better act on and analyze how display advertising efforts are impacting return on investment, utilize View-Through Tracking for Tealium iQ Tag Management. Similar to view-through conversion tracking, this new extension in Tealium enables users to track cross-site impression data and act on it immediately when the customer returns to the website, all without requiring an actual click on the ad. 

After deploying the extension organizations can begin to not only track view-through conversions but also leverage it to track additional insights like total impressions served to a customer, a list of the campaigns customers have been exposed to, or the specific creatives they’ve seen. 

Organizations can then use those insights to assist in broader initiatives like reducing wasted ad spend by understanding which creatives and campaigns are most effective, and which should be suppressed. These micro-interactions are also valuable milestones to have represented in a Customer Data Platform, like Tealium AudienceStream, to build more complete profile attributes and audiences.

Consent Management: Privacy Compliance Across Your Tech Stack

With regulations like the GDPR and CCPA, it is now crucial that businesses manage customer data preferences in real time and ensure those preferences are reflected across all of their tools and technologies. Using these extensions users are easily able to control how privacy options are presented to customers and present opt-in and opt-out options on a vendor-by-vendor basis. 

The various Privacy Manager Extensions in Tealium iQ enable companies to stay compliant with changing regulations regarding visitor privacy and tracking. 

Currency Converter: Compare Apples to Apples

Use this extension to create a view of your global sales data that speaks to your business. The Currency Converter Extension allows you to convert the value of a data layer variable from one currency to another and gives you the ability to translate e-commerce transaction data into your currency of choice.

JavaScript Code Extension: Build a Customizable Extension

If you don’t see an extension template that fits your needs, the JavaScript Code Extension is available for implementing custom JavaScript code through Tealium iQ. This extension includes a rich code editor, the ability to create and save one or more drafts, and an advanced publish workflow to safely release your changes.

Tealium’s GitHub integration also works with the JavaScript Code extensions to create a seamless workflow between your code management process in GitHub and publishing in Tealium. This integration allows developers to automatically sync code between the two platforms, drastically reducing errors and improving efficiencies. Using this integration, Tealium users will have better oversight of their entire data supply chain, simplified audience creation features, and improved functionality to leverage offline data to trigger in-store and online marketing actions.

China CDN Deployment Extension

For enterprises with business inside and outside China, it can be complicated to optimize digital experiences because of restrictions due to China’s firewall. Tealium provides a CDN in China to deliver tags and improve customer experience for those users. The China CDN Deployment extension allows TiQ customers to leverage Tealium’s China CDN for users in China without making source code changes. The extension automatically identifies the best CDN to use based on the user and is configurable to optimize performance.


Extensions in Tealium iQ Tag Management are just one way that Tealium can help organizations build a flexible data infrastructure that can reduce developer cycles and meet changing business requirements. To learn more about extensions, visit the Tealium Community or request a custom demo to see how Tealium can address your specific challenges. 

A list of Standard Data extensions within Tealium iQ Tag Manager

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