Better Together: Tealium + LinkedIn

Use Tealium + LinkedIn to better target, measure, and optimize campaigns with consented first-party data.

Making B2B Everything it Can Be

The average B2B sales cycle is 6-9 months long, and one of the top challenges that B2B marketers face is the ability to measure and track activity between specific buyer stages. In fact, 51% of respondents in Demand Gen’s 2022 study cited this as their top challenge in analyzing marketing performance and impact.

B2B measurement isn’t based on a single KPI but rather on understanding the aggregate of multiple indicators used effectively. Gone are the days of using cost per impression or click-through rate to assess and optimize your ads. Instead, connect the conversions that matter most to you, like Marketing and Sales Qualified Leads, opportunities created, and more.

Introducing Conversion Tracking

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A conversion is a customer action that is important to your business. You interact with your customers in a myriad of ways throughout your sales cycle, so these customer actions might take place on your website, your app, your store, via phone, or some other “offline” location (trade show, conference, etc).

Conversion Tracking enables you to share your most important customer actions with LinkedIn to understand exactly how your ads helped drive these conversions. By connecting conversions to your campaigns, you're also training your ads to find more of those conversions most effectively and efficiently.

The combination of Tealium’s Customer Data Hub (TiQ Tag Management, EventStream, and AudienceStream) and LinkedIn’s products including the LinkedIn Insights Tag, Conversions API, and Matched Audiences can help better target users and improve advertising measurement by allowing businesses to leverage consented, first-party data from across their organization.

What You Can Achieve

Enable full-funnel measurement

Advertisers can use a wider array of data to inform their advertising than is currently captured by a client-side pixel, like CRM data, offline conversion data, lower funnel events including qualified leads, or multi-site conversion paths.

Improve conversion measurement & targeting

Measure conversions you may have been missing due to evolving data privacy regulations that have changed how customer data is tracked, collected, and activated. Improve targeting and modeling by configuring important events like subscription, renewal, add to cart, and purchases associated with your campaigns running on LinkedIn

Strengthen performance and privacy

Strengthen conversion tracking reliability through consented client-side and server-side data collection points. As the industry moves to better protect the privacy of consumers, browsers will cease to support cookies that today aid in optimization, targeting, and measurement, making server-side tools like Conversion API essential for controlling this data.

Increase Return-on-Ad-Spend (RoAS)

Better data can turn into a lift in RoAS because you can identify where a customer is at in their lifecycle and trigger actions or campaigns that produce a better result for your business.

How does Tealium Integrate with LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Insight Tag

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a piece of code that advertisers can place on their website to share website visitor events to LinkedIn via a browser. It’s the foundation of every website integration with LinkedIn and power solutions like dynamic product ads, custom targeting, campaign optimization, and attribution.

LinkedIn Conversions API

The LinkedIn Conversions API (CAPI) creates a direct connection between marketing data from an advertiser’s server and LinkedIn, enabling advertisers to measure the performance of their marketing campaigns.

This connector creates new ways for advertisers to improve the reliability of data sharing, leveraging conversion data that a website tag might not capture, and ultimately help increase return on ad spend (ROAS) across the LinkedIn advertising ecosystem.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Tealium AudienceStream CDP helps companies manage, organize, and activate their first-party customer data in a centralized cross-channel profile and use it to deliver great customer experiences. It allows B2B marketers to define audiences based on online and offline data by using rules as well as machine-learning.

AudienceStream provides a built-in LinkedIn Matched Audiences Connector. This connector makes these audiences immediately available to use within LinkedIn’s campaigns, whether it’s for inclusion, exclusion or to find lookalike customers. As a result, advertisers see better ROAS based on growing audiences and more targeted campaigns as well as improved customer satisfaction due to a frictionless cross-channel experience.

How Do I Get Started?

Tealium customers can select the LinkedIn Insight Tag, Conversion API, and Matched Audiences connectors in our Connector Marketplace. It will guide you through the setup and testing process as well as the authentication with your LinkedIn account.

Not a Tealium customer? Get in touch with us and we will help you to understand the benefits of the LinkedIn integration for your business and support you in building the business case.

More information is available in our documentation

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