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Better Together: Contentsquare + Tealium Customer Data Hub

Unlock the full power of Contentsquare and Tealium with seamless data integration

Contentsquare’s bi-directional integration with Tealium iQ Tag Management and Tealium AudienceStream CDP combines visitor profiles in Tealium with Contentsquare’s unique behavioral insights and intelligent visualizations for a sophisticated, actionable understanding of customer behavior. 

Using both platforms in tandem allows teams to unlock a comprehensive understanding of omnichannel visitor journeys, both online to offline. This added layer of insight empowers brands to deliver a winning customer experience, no matter the context or end goal.

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Why is the real-time integration between Tealium’s Customer Data Hub and Contentsquare so powerful?

Combine offline and online data sets to get a comprehensive picture of the customer experience, allowing for richer insights through the Contentsquare platform.

Access more robust data within existing tools to enable data-driven decisions that lead to enhanced user experiences.

Leverage Contentsquare’s behavioral signals to identify key indicators and subsequently trigger actions across any vendor connected to Tealium AudienceStream CDP.

Add session replay links directly to visitor profiles in the Tealium Customer Data Hub (CDH), enabling individual sessions to be watched with a single click.

Analyze lost customers by reviewing session replays from Contentsquare within visitor profiles in the CDH, allowing for targeted review of user behavior within cohorts.

Deliver key insights from Tealium AudienceStream CDP to Contentsquare analytics to enhance user profiling, analysis, and segmentation efforts.

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About Contentsquare
Contentsquare computes billions of touch and mouse movements and transforms the knowledge into profitable actions that increase engagement and maximize conversion rate.

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