Deployed entirely in the cloud, Invoca’s call tracking & analytics platform offers marketing teams the ability to measure the impact of marketing efforts on lead generation and sales from inbound phone calls. Invoca does this by capturing caller and campaign data on a 1:1 consumer level, and measuring and attributing calls and conversions to the marketing campaigns that drove them in real-time.


Tealium + Invoca = Better Together

Tealium and Invoca combine their capabilities to enable more accurate insights and better customer experiences through online and offline interactions. Powered with the bi-directional integration, both tools benefit from an expanded data set.

Tealium provides Invoca with customer data from a variety of sources enabling Invoca to capture a more robust view of a user, even before that user places a call to the call center. This allows Invoca to intelligently route the call for better customer experiences.

Additionally, Invoca’s call data can be passed directly back to Tealium, further enriching the visitor profile to fuel the rest of the digital ecosystem.

With this unified data, organizations gain a better understanding of their customers and have the ability to take meaningful action in real-time to optimize the customer experience, both on and offsite, and optimize marketing ROI.

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