Quantum Metric delivers real-time visibility into the customer experiences across the entire digital journey: every mouse movement, every gesture on a native app, all relevant performance data is auto-captured and analyzed using machine intelligence to identify anomalies.

Website: www.quantummetric.com

Tealium + Quantum Metric

Pairing Quantum Metric and Tealium delivers full customer visibility, enabling brands to surface valuable digital experience insights and action on them. The partnership is bidirectional, activating Quantum Metric’s unique user experience data and enriching the Tealium data layer with technical and behavioral insights. Tealium connects disparate data sources and can take action based on rules that span across those sources, while Quantum Metric automatically identifies both positive and negative user experiences. Together, they close the experience gap.


Tealium + Quantum Metric: How to Optimize Your Tech Stack Without Compromising Customer Experiences
When: 4/15/20

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