The Data Guardians

Wednesday 13th February 2019
County Hall, London  |  08:30 – 11:00

Data Management is no sorcery. Behind good data management is the right team, process and technology. Managing the use, control and ownership of data from the source means quality data, actionable insights and accurate predictive algorithms. Whatever you do with data, due care and attention means it will reach the right people, in the right format at the right time.
This presents challenges and opportunities for data teams across the organisation. How can businesses ensure they are collecting quality data? What are the best practises for managing that data? How can business control data they don’t own? Do consumers want brands and businesses owning their personal data?

Join industry peers for Data Guardians on Wednesday 13th February to explore the impact of data management and ownership on.

08:30 – Breakfast Served

09:00 – Welcome & Introduction

09:10 – Defending Data Ownership
Data has long been considered a highly valued asset but what does this mean for businesses and how can they protect this asset while leveraging its full potential? Tealium will share industry insights and customer use cases that are helping businesses become guardians of their data.
– Presented By
James Morgan, Industry Professional

09:40 – Interactive Session: Opportunities and Challenges Businesses are Experiencing with Data Management and Ownership
What are the challenges and opportunities businesses are facing with consumer data? Each table will work through scenarios with a Tealium team member to explore the role of consumer data.

10:10 – Building a Framework as a Data Guardian
Data management and ownership are often deemed long and complex processes with no definitive guide for businesses to follow. Tealium will discuss the best practises for data management and ownership with practical steps to move your business forward.
– Presented By
David Morris, Director of Solutions Consulting at Tealium

10:40 – Presentation of Findings and Discussion from each table

10:55 – Closing Remarks

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Wednesday 13th February

8:30 – 11:00 am

Etc venues, County Hall, London


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