The new power couple: MCCM & CDP integration

In today’s always-on world, customers are taking increasingly complex journeys. Using more channels than ever, purchasing decisions are no longer linear. The average customer engages up to ten times with your brand across multiple touchpoints and devices before purchasing. Whilst browsing their News Feed, your customer could see a product advertised on their Facebook app. To find the best deal, they then compare prices on Amazon from their laptop, add the product to their basket, but close their web browser before checking-out. Finally, they purchase that same product in-store two days later!

A Multichannel Campaign Management Platform (MCCM) integrated with a Customer Data Platform (CDP) pieces together this fragmented journey. CDP’s are often misrepresented, being described as a competitor to your MCCM. In reality however, they are designed to complement and enhance your campaign activities, offering the ability to hold data from many more of your data points. As a result, this power couple have the speed, flexibility and customer insight to achieve true data-driven marketing.

Power couple Tealium and Celerity invite you to join them on Tuesday 11th December at The View From The Shard from 4pm to 7pm.

Attend our cocktail and canapés reception, to understand more about:

  • How marketers can overcome the challenge of centralising data as more data sources arise
  • The power of real-time data exchange between customer touchpoints
  • Analysing customer insights to build highly targeted campaigns across channels
  • Enhancing channel flexibility to finally achieve true omnichannel marketing
  • How our exclusive brand panel are discovering or already benefiting from integrating these two powerful tools

Tuesday 11th December

4pm- 7pm

The View From The Shard


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