The power of targeting: using data to drive the customer experience


Tealium, DigitasLBi and Blue 449 have teamed up to share their unique perspective about what this means to customers and brands, and how best to tap into the power of data.

Customer Case Study with Cathay Pacific – Cathy Hornby, the Manager of Digital Retail will also be sharing their approach to using data and illustrating how they deliver more value to travellers and see greater returns as a result.


  • What is a customer-centric data-led approach
  • How a data-led approach will allow a single view of customer, informed through 1st party data
  • How can this data-led approach provide a better digital experience for your customer?
  • How does it all impact the bottom line

Register now for this executive briefing on May 10th at 5pm and you can learn how data can drive your customer experience.

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