CCPA and Ongoing Data Privacy: Opt-In, Opt-Out and Consent Optimizations

The CCPA is much more than an opt-out button, but that little button holds the key to your ability to collect and use data about your customers. As a critical part of the customer experience — and a determining factor in whether you’ll be able to turn that customer experience into usable customer data and profiles — the consent request will be a critical part of your funnel optimization.

Watch to learn how brands should be thinking about consent management in the changing data privacy landscape and review a checklist for brands looking to optimize their CCPA opt-out.

You’ll also learn:

  • How CCPA opt-ins to “Do Not Sell My Data” will affect the working experience of your marketing and data teams
  • Why you should think of consent as the first part of your funnel
  • 5 things you should be doing to optimize your opt-out
  • The ROI of building consent directly into your data collection capabilities
Topic: Governance, Privacy
Section: Webinars