Domino’s- Making Data a 1st Class Citizen at Domino’s

As Director of E-commerce Development Operations at Domino’s, Jason McMann has seen digital transformation first-hand. Over 50% of Domino’s sales now come from digital channels. Transforming a local pizza delivery company into an e-commerce company that just happens to sell pizza is no easy task, but clearly worth the effort based on Domino’s recent revenue.

Jason focuses on making data a 1st-class citizen to transform the business. A Tealium customer for over 3 years, Domino’s has increased organizational agility and alignment, ultimately enabling the business to make timely data-driven decisions without impacting development cycles. Turning data into a 1st-class citizen has transformed the culture at Domino’s and empowered stakeholders across the business with the tools they need to manage programs effectively.

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