Gap Inc. and Tealium: The Data Maturity Journey

In today’s shopping environment, the customer has less time and more options than ever before. To build a long-term, meaningful relationship with them, companies need to deliver experiences that meet their needs, removing friction along the way. Gap Inc. saw an opportunity to differentiate their eCommerce business by investing in delivering exceptional, personalized experiences to customers. But with seven unique brands across six distinct global domains, personalization initiatives must be done at scale. Quality, structured data is foundational to any successful and scalable customer obsessed organization. As such, the Gap Inc. team embarked on a journey to restructure their customer data supply chain to create this analytics-ready organization.

In this session from Digital Velocity San Diego 2019, with Gap Inc.’s Greg Phipps and Kelsey Todd, the team walks us through their data maturity journey with Tealium. You’ll learn how the partnership began, utilizing the Customer Data Hub to build governed and centralized data collection processes, fueling the web production team with comprehensive customer data to execute powerful personalization campaigns that served appropriate content to customers. Finally, you will hear about the company’s plans to use Tealium to fuel its enterprise data platform and leverage Tealium in the mobile app experience and beyond.

Resource Type: Video
Topic: Customer Data Platforms, Data Layer, Identity Resolution, Tag Management
Product: AudienceStream Customer Data Platform, EventStream API Hub, TiQ Tag Management
Section: Digital Velocity