Acquisition, Loyalty and Retention: How a CDP Creates Customers for Life

As more companies turn to digital-first customer engagement, brand loyalty continues to be tested. Consumers are eager to try new brands which means marketers have a unique opportunity to engage with consumers they might not have in the past. But what is the key to actually capturing and retaining these consumers?

In the second webinar in our Definitive Guide to CDPs series, Director of Product Marketing, Jacob Spencer, shares inspiring CDP use cases to create customers for life. Discover how a CDP can help you take advantage of this digital spike with the ability to:

  • Find new customers without relying on third-party cookie tracking
  • Uphold and adjust privacy preferences with access to consent data in real time
  • Increase return on ad spend and click-through rates like the Utah Jazz
Resource Type: Webinar
Topic: Customer Data Platforms, Personalization
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