How Axel Springer Transcends to a Personalized Programmatic Advertising Approach

Robin Geier, Senior Manager Programmatic & Display, SPRING Axel Springer
Leonard Kehl, Senior Product Manager Data, SPRING Axel Springer

In today’s fight for consumer attention, it’s extremely important to stand out with individual advertising messages and show relevant content at the right time. To create that relevance, advertisers need to know their audience well.

Data is the key to reach the right target group, which can lead to a significant increase in advertising impact. This is where Creative Data Advertising comes into play.
Robin Geier and Leonard Kehl will share insights of Axel Springer’s real-time data-driven programmatic setup using the Tealium Customer Data Hub and Google Marketing Platform to drive paid subscriptions.

Resource Type: Video
Topic: Customer Data Platforms, Data Orchestration
Product: AudienceStream Customer Data Platform, TiQ Tag Management
Vertical: Media
Section: Digital Velocity