How the Cookie Crumbled: Preparing for a Time Without Third-Party Cookies

The loss of third-party cookies is rewriting the rules of digital marketing. Companies will have to rethink everything from ad spend and attribution to consumer privacy and measuring ROI. But not to worry – there are key ways to prepare for third-party cookie loss and it starts with first-party data.

Discover how switching to a first-party data strategy now will help you not only prepare for the loss of third-party cookies but also deliver more meaningful customer experiences. You’ll learn:

  • How crumbling third-party cookies will affect your organization
  • How brands can equip their internal teams to manage the upcoming change
  • Tools that enable brands to become browser independent
  • Tips to understand how to best collect, store and use your data
Resource Type: Webinar
Topic: Customer Data Platforms, Personalization
Section: Webinars