Hyatt Hotels- Optimizing the Digital Experience to Treat Customers Like Humans

Jason Tribbett, Associate Manager, Digital Analytics, Hyatt Hotels

Today’s world is more connected than ever before. People are interacting with brands in a variety of ways across a number of devices demanding seamless, personalized experiences. But are you delivering on that expectation? Or do visitors feel like just another unknown when they interact with your brand?

Hyatt Hotels, a leading global hospitality company, is a purpose driven team– striving ‘to care for people so they can be their best.’ Using this mission to fuel their business decisions and experience strategy, Hyatt realized that fragmented data, a poor analytics implementation, and unreliable data sources were eroding the customer experience and leaving some visitors feeling just like another number. In this session, learn how Hyatt leveraged Tealium to harness their data and optimize their experience strategy to deliver digital visitors with a remarkable and lasting human experience.

Resource Type: Video
Topic: Customer Data Platforms, Data Orchestration, Identity Resolution, Machine Learning, Mobile & IoT, Tag Management
Product: AudienceStream Customer Data Platform, TiQ Tag Management
Vertical: Hospitality
Section: Customer Stories, Digital Velocity