Introducing View-Through Tracking for Tealium iQ Tag Manager

Advertisers are always looking to gather more data about how display advertising is influencing the customer journey. Display is a big part of the marketing funnel, but as more consumers see digital advertising across a growing number of screens and sites, it has become increasingly difficult for brands to measure its effectiveness properly or use that data to personalize experiences based on campaign interaction.

That’s why we are excited for Tealium iQ users to get started with View-Through Tracking. This new extension helps brands bring impression, campaign and creative insights out of the ad server and into the data layer to create more robust visitor profile attributes, audiences, and activation strategies downstream.

Watch this video where we will walk you through setting up the extension as well as show a demo use case.

Topic: Data Layer, Product Features, Tag Management
Product: TiQ Tag Management
Vertical: B2B, Hospitality, Media, Retail
Section: Products / Features / How-To