Is the End of Cookies Near?: What ITP 2.x Is and How to Navigate

The GDPR and CCPA have put digital privacy at the forefront of consumers’ concerns. With its Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), Apple is leveraging consumer concerns to promote the security of their browser, Safari.

The question for marketers and data professionals is whether ITP’s changes to cookies will alter their data and analytics strategies. When Apple first introduced ITP in 2017, it disrupted third-party ad tech companies and their ability to create cross-site tracking. With ITP 2.x this year, Apple has updated how Safari, the most popular mobile browser in the U.S., handles first-party cookies.

The changes to first-party cookies will have a big impact on personalized mobile campaigns for seasonally-driven industries and campaigns in mobile browsers (i.e. Safari). Short-term workarounds are available to digital marketers, but they may be quickly undone as Apple works to clamp down on them in subsequent updates.

Join this webinar and learn how to build a better long-term strategy that balances the customer experience with customer privacy, as well as:

– A deeper understanding of ITP’s limitations
– Gaining clarity on the true impact it has on analytics
– Key strategies to improving implementation of first-and-third-party cookies
now and in the future
– Ideas for Customer Experience and Marketing teams to improve cookies-related experiences like authentication

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