Stop the Hacking: Bringing Marketers Back to the Brand Experience

Marketers know better than anyone that a compelling brand experience is one of the most essential elements in driving a business forward, both in acquiring new customers and building customer loyalty. Every interaction between an individual and a brand can be considered one of those experiences, and therefore, it’s imperative to get it right – every time, in every channel.

In the attempt to effectively engage a customer across all channels and devices, the focus of many marketers shifted from building the best possible customer experiences to managing the many technologies that drive it. And in the attempt to build the perfect technology infrastructure, the marketer has become a hacker first – and creator of the brand experience second.

In this interactive discussion we touch on the technological and organizational guidance needed to allow marketers to redirect the time and energy being spent on hacking back to driving rich, real-time customer interactions. David Raab, Principal at Raab Associates, and Chris Slovak, VP of Global Sales Solutions at Tealium, will dive into:

•The four strategic pillars of successful customer engagement
•The importance of a strategy executed by technology, rather than just a technology strategy
•The four tent-poles of a well-functioning marketing technology stack
•The approach of putting customer data at the center, and building out

Resource Type: Video
Topic: Customer Data Platforms, Data Layer, Identity Resolution, Tag Management
Product: AudienceStream Customer Data Platform, TiQ Tag Management
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