Technology that Powers Your Data Strategy

Founded in 2008 with its roots in analytics, Tealium was built to ensure customers could retain control over their data in an ever-evolving MarTech landscape. Fast-forward to 2016, there are over 3,800 marketing and data technologies all vying for the attention of today’s customer-centric professionals. With a focus on providing excellent, useable technology that our customers love to work with on a daily basis, for Tealium, it’s always been about the data. Whether it’s managing marketing solutions and facilitating the communication of the data directly to your technology vendors, aggregating the data in real-time to build a universal visitor profile and delivering actionable data points, or providing a comprehensive data set to give you flexibility and power when it comes to reporting and analytics.

Resource Type: Video
Topic: Data Orchestration, Governance, Tag Management
Section: Tealium Perspectives