The Role of Server-Side in the Future of Your Data Foundation

In a hyper-competitive, cross-device, cross-experience world, consumer expectations for personalized, omnichannel experiences have put increasing pressure on brands to utilize their customer data well. At the same time, technology limitations like ITP 2.x, Google’s same-site cookies, ad blockers, and more are eliminating access to that data in an increasing push for more privacy on the web. So how do brands navigate these opposing drivers?

Data professionals will need both client-side and server-side data collection capabilities to build a scalable, future-proofed foundation to manage the increasing number of customer data sources and channels in this landscape – but each approach comes with its respective benefits and drawbacks.

In this presentation, you’ll learn about the state of server-side capabilities today as well as key considerations and use cases. We’ll also talk about how to build out a data foundation with both client-side and server-side data collection capabilities so you have the power to make the right choice for your data strategy, business needs, and budget.

Join this webinar and you’ll also learn:

  • Use cases where server-side data collection can help your customer experience efforts
  • The difference between client-side and server-side tracking
  • The history of server-side data collection and how new models are being applied today
  • Key considerations and questions you should be aware of as you move to server-side
Resource Type: Webinar
Topic: Data Orchestration, Tag Management
Product: EventStream API Hub, TiQ Tag Management
Vertical: Retail,B2b,Hospitality,Healthcare,Financial,Media,Digital Services
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