Tealium is excited to announce Tealium iQ Events. The days of waiting for development resources to free up to implement event tracking on your digital properties are over. Developers no longer need to write hundreds of lines of code, and their stakeholders don’t need to wait for tracking projects to get prioritized.

Introducing Tealium iQ Events

Tealium iQ Events Brings New Function With Ease

Part of the Tealium iQ (TIQ) Tag Management solution, iQ Events functions without requiring hundreds of lines of code and is both developer- and marketer-friendly, providing even more flexibility for organizational alignment and dynamism. As a result, iQ Events allows CDP users to collect more first party data from even more relevant and unique data types and sources; build richer profiles; and offer enhanced reporting and conversion tracking of customer behavior that analyzes engagement at a more granular level.

With Tealium iQ Events teams can decrease the amount of custom code being written and shorten the amount of time it takes to implement web tracking. With just a few mouse clicks and a TiQ profile publish tracking can go live for that fancy new product video in minutes, not days or weeks. With multiple out-of-the-box listeners to choose from getting started is a snap.

We built the TiQ Tag Management platform with the express intention of collecting and sending first party data with ease and iQ Events is the continuation of that mission. No coding is required to set up an out-of-the-box Event listener.

Getting Started With Tealium iQ Events

You’ll find the iQ Events in the main navigation and will notice an improved user interface that breathes new life into TiQ. The magic of Tealium iQ Events isn’t limited to the no-code events, but is also seen with the unparalleled rules configurator. Apply existing Load Rules to listeners with a simple drag-and-drop experience allowing for fine-grain control of when an event listener should or shouldn’t load. This ensures that the right data gets collected and impacts to page performance are minimal.

Start by selecting the event type you want to track. Then step through the guided workflow to pinpoint the element you want to track, set the data you want to collect, precisely control when and where the listener gets loaded, and start sending data to any of the 1,000+ vendor integrations TiQ has to offer. No code, no heavy jQuery library, and no tradeoffs with the Engineering team. It’s that simple.

To learn more about Tealium iQ Events, speak with your Tealium representative, or contact us here.

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