Today, we are announcing our Augmented Marketer summer product release – and wow, are we excited. 

In a world where customer experience is the main battleground where companies live or die, every insight that can be used for a better CX could be a life saver. But who has time to dig into every corner of customer data and create complex, custom reports that will only power campaigns based on yesterday’s news? 


With this ongoing release, get ready for:

  • Agile audience discovery by analyzing historical data 
  • Streamlined process of insight generation and activation saving you precious time and resources
  • Deeper insights through new data visualizations, reporting, and dashboards
  • Better visibility into data operations, performance, and ROI 
  • Supercharging your customer journey orchestration

Marketers are looking to create greater efficiencies that can unlock the potential of their customer data without adding to their workload. Data analysts are looking for automated and integrated reporting that opens them up for more insights, less chasing down data sources. And IT departments are exhausted from wrangling multiple systems to give marketing and data analytics what they need for success.

We have amazing news.

Introducing our Augmented Marketer Summer Product Release

These new products and features allow your company to create more with less. Not only is Tealium the industry’s leading CDP when it comes to connected data and real-time action, but now we’re adding embedded insights throughout the platform so you can understand that data better than ever. This means more intelligence baked into your data, generated more quickly, with fewer resources. 

Your customer data is the key to unlocking all the doors you wish to open. Stronger revenue, reduction of ad spend, greater staff productivity, advanced business intelligence, the ability to maintain global compliance, and competitive advantage are all possible when your customer data is at the core of your business.

The Augmented Marketer summer product release automates your data insights, offers new data analytics visualizations, and enables you to use your data at scale without added workload.

Let’s dive into the details!

The Most Powerful Combo of Data, Insights, and Actions

Dashboard showing integrated audiences

We’re all trying to create the most compelling customer journey possible, and that requires real-time data insights that can be turned into immediate, real-time customer journey orchestration actions. 

Imagine you need to launch a campaign fast, but don’t have time to wait for IT and the data analytics team to perform a lengthy analysis or build a fresh list. With our Augmented Marketer release, you can now explore cross-channel data quickly to launch that campaign right when you need it, and avoid losing valuable time. This increases your chance at success because your campaigns will be based on the highest quality data possible and malleable enough to react as needed without costly delays or burden to your staff. This means faster time to market, while relying on fewer technical resources and specialty tools.

Apply New Insights and Build Audiences Based on Past Behavior with New Historical Analysis Capabilities 

Complementing our core strength in real-time activation, our new historical enrichment capabilities allow you to retroactively apply new customer insights based on past behavior. No more waiting for your audience to build up from the time you define it; now you can retroactively badge profiles with an insight you may not have recognized at first. This means faster time to value, and greater peace of mind knowing that you don’t need to define every insight right at the start. And, we have a new workflow for audience discovery and creation, more easily allowing you to surf through your audience data without having to hop between multiple screens or tools, meaning you save time while creating better audiences.

Spin Up Analytics Dashboards to View Holistic Data

Our Augmented Marketer summer product release offers new interactive analytics dashboards for easier and more thorough analysis. Create automated custom reports without all the legwork and visualize the insights through our new comprehensive dashboards, showcasing the data in one unified experience. 

graphs and charts showing data insights

This new release will empower analytics teams to help validate changes in marketing campaigns with real-time data. And with our new historical enrichment feature, your teams have an easy way to retroactively apply new insights to customer profiles (when you didn’t define them ahead of time) that can be used immediately for new campaigns.

These new dashboards in turn enable better intelligence syndicated across your tech stack, breaking down internal data silos, and empowering all departments to take action, make better decisions and create amazing customer experiences.

Cut Out Custom Reporting in All Your Tools

Through these new features, you can also reduce the time-consuming and laborious workload of data integration and reporting, automatically pulling in critical insights into your data foundation. 

Say your team needs an analytics dashboard displaying the size of a given audience. Before the Augmented Marketer summer product release, you would have had to ask a specialized analytics team to wrangle the data, organize it, and build a custom report. No more! Your team can now quickly access data visualizations in real-time, without any extra work – and in fact, with less work than before. Giving time back to your staff to focus on more strategic initiatives? Yes please!

Visualize and Orchestrate Your Customer Journey

Chart showing customer journey analytics

Finally, these new insights and actions powered by the Augmented Marketer summer product release enable your teams to supercharge your customer journey orchestration like never before. You will now be able to sequence actions intelligently and see how performance ebbs and flows across the journey. You’ll be able to visualize your customer journey, inspect moments along the journey to see how customers enter that moment and how they exit, and then optimize your audiences by either targeting or suppressing against the behavior you’re seeing. Having retroactive and predictive insights in one place, in real-time, allows you to orchestrate cutting-edge, responsive and flexible customer journeys – that can adjust to changing audiences or industry shifts as they happen! Traditional approaches by journey orchestration tools are too rigid and limited to address real-world customer behavior. We’re out to change that.

Here’s a run down of all the exciting new features in our Augmented Marketer summer product release:

Tealium Insights for Reporting and Dashboards 

  • NEW FEATURE: Data Insights
  • NEW FEATURE: Customer Journey Insights
  • NEW FEATURE: Audience Insights

Lifetime Analysis and Profile Enrichment

  • NEW FEATURE: Historical Enrichment
  • NEW FEATURE: Integrated Audience Builder
  • NEW FEATURE: Customer Journey Orchestration
  • ENHANCED: Tealium Predict ML
  • ENHANCED AND NEW APIs: Visitor API, Privacy API
  • NEW INTEGRATIONS: Identity and Journey Vendors

Ready to create winning customer experiences? Then hit the ground running with our Augmented Marketer summer product release! Click here for more information about the new products in this release! Augment your marketing to do more with less and enable your dream team to win.

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Hilary Noonan
Hilary is the Director of Content at Tealium.

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