Power your CX with customer profiles that are reliable, compliant, and high quality using Tealium’s latest product release, Trusted Customer View.

Customer trust is the most valuable currency your company can earn. Over the last few years there has been a lot of conversation around how companies will handle data deprecation and the growing rise of data privacy regulations. Identity, consent, data collection, and the role of first party data are all major focal points for finding a path forward. 

According to a survey conducted by one of our partner integrations, Merkle, “88% of consumers view a brand’s products as having higher quality if they feel like the brand is listening to their needs. 91% of consumers are slightly or significantly likely to make a repeat purchase if they feel a brand has listened.”

Privacy Paradox in numbers

But this kind of customer trust and consent can’t be created in a silo.

The solution lies within your customer data: how you’re collecting, organizing, and operationalizing the personal information your customers are providing to create amazing, privacy-centric customer experiences. 

  1. First, privacy has to be a first-class citizen. You have to have trust in your data collection and that your system is flexible enough to maintain privacy preferences across all channels and an experienced solution in regulated industries.
  2. Internally, you also have to have trust in the quality of your customer data and the insights you are using to create your customer experiences.
  3. Finally, you have to be able to trust in the reliability of your connections and your systems. A broken experience also breaks trust. 

By combining strategic technology solutions with the strategy and processes to match, you can build trusted customer data relationships that balance privacy and personalization, while saving time with automation.

Welcome to Tealium’s Trusted Customer View.

Our Trusted Customer View release is a set of tools for companies to honor the customer data relationship, build deep and relevant insights into the customer profile, and reliably integrate into the ecosystem at large.

The capabilities included within the Trusted Customer View product release provide cutting-edge, innovative new ways to: 

  • Integrate trustworthy data (such as identity data, consent data and behavioral data) to produce richer, more accurate, and targetable profiles
  • Improve data governance and consent management to reduce regulatory and privacy risk while building trust with customers through your data relationship
  • Better control and automate data processes to reduce risk and save time

How a Trusted Customer View Helps Every Role in the Org

Every person in your company can benefit from better, more integrated, more compliant customer profiles. With Trusted Customer View, you can enforce consent across all integrated systems, helping avoid missteps with permissions. You can further improve ongoing insights through integrating identity data. This, in turn, enables your organization to deliver rich experiences, while controlling visibility of sensitive data values across the organization, and honoring customer preferences. 


  • Better understand groups of visitors for targeting and analysis, such as householding and Account Based Marketing
  • Avoid broken experiences due to technical issues or missing insights
  • Automate consent through robust integrations with activation channels to maximize targetable audiences

Sales and Account Management

  • Give reps intelligence on customer digital behavior for better context in conversations
  • Move prospects through the sales cycle faster and more effectively with a better understanding of the customer through enriched data
  • Offer the right upsell opportunities based on real customer needs through accurate and up to date customer data

Customer Support

  • Provide faster and more pleasing customer support with access to real-time customer interactions with support, regardless of which channel through which they are accessing support
  • Enrich CRM records with digital behavior so reps know what a customer wants more quickly when they call in


  • Connect in-product behavior with omnichannel customer experience
  • Fuel better product innovation based on true and complete customer analytics


  • Get better deliverability of data with automatic retry and throttling of data when a vendor can’t handle real-time streaming data
  • Benefit from real-time notifications to improve visibility for any issues
  • Ease integration complexity and automate compliance with preferences at scale

Data Analytics

  • Enable richer data collection with our no-code event data collection tool 
  • Utilize our deterministic approach to identity and turnkey integrations in our new Identity Partner Ecosystem to get the deepest insights without risking non-compliance 


  • Enforce user preferences across the tech stack with automated CMP integrations that enforce preferences without manual processes

Highlighting Some Amazing Features of Tealium’s Trusted Customer View Product Release

Consent Management— Integrations and Orchestration

Turnkey integrations with any consent management tool give you complete control of consent purposes, enabling reliable consent enforcement tailored to any business’s needs. You can now also centrally manage consent orchestration in just two steps rather than manually including consent conditions every time you build an audience or activation. 


Identity Partner Ecosystem 

Enrich individual and household profiles from a central, connected platform via our partner relationships. By partnering for data enrichment, you can activate additional identifiers while meeting your marketing objectives – all in a privacy-safe way. Current integrations include Auth0, Merkle (US), Trade Desk UID 2.0 (US), and Acxiom. Future integrations include Neustar and more.


TiQ Events

No-code event data collection with the ability to select from a number of pre-configured event listeners tracking web actions such as video views, scroll or mouseover is just a few clicks away.



In Data We Trust.

In Data We Trust Promo ImageBeyond our amazing product releases, we have also put together an eBook to help you create trusted customer relationships. Even with the evolving state of privacy regulations and new ways customer data needs to be handled, you can deliver great experiences and moments that delight your customers.

This eBook covers the fundamentals of data governance, consent, and privacy-centric customer experiences in a manner that is concise and actionable. We distill the complex, so your teams can get started now with the right technology to support a privacy-first data strategy.

In the “Guide for Establishing Customer Trust Through Privacy” eBook you will discover:

  • The costs to organizations if trust is not established and maintained
  • How privacy can be done by organizations at scale
  • 3 key recommendations for using data to build trust
  • 5 ways a Customer Data Platform (CDP) establishes trust in data with customers
  • And (obviously) more!

Click here to download your copy!

The most effective customer experiences are built on trust. However, across an increasingly fragmented customer journey there are numerous areas where you can fall short of customer expectations. Ensure every customer engagement is accurately targeted, built on trusted insights, and respects customer privacy preferences.

Check out Tealium’s “Trusted Customer View” product release today.


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