Want to future-proof your business in today’s dynamic digital environment? Look no further than Digital Velocity 2023, Tealium’s virtual, live, North American event, May 9-11th. With our special guest keynotes, expert customer speakers, industry-leading partner organizations and interactive sessions, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools necessary to ride the waves and tides of global business change – economically, technologically, and societally – and how to use customer data to move your business forward with certainty and confidence.

Shifting times of uncertainty can be challenging for any business, making it imperative that your company is stable and able to ride out these changing times and learn how to thrive, not just survive, when the water gets rough. 

At the same time, rapid innovation is happening worldwide, with the AI races off and running. In order to embrace innovation, your business needs a solid foundation and a strategic future-proofing toolkit on which to innovate in order to stay competitive. 

On the one hand, turbulent times encourage more conservative business practices, and on the other, rapid, ever-increasing innovation requires agility to be able to respond and stay competitive. Companies must find a way to achieve both goals and future-proof their business.

The solution will be found in your customer data. 

By strategically collecting, organizing, and activating your customer data, your company can better understand your audiences and improve your strategic stabilization initiatives. This can help you keep valuable customers, ensure privacy and compliance, and even lead to cost savings.

Your company can also use customer data to lead the way in innovation and remain competitive. In order to unlock innovation, access to customer data must be available across the organization and integrated into the entire tech stack in order to create a single source of truth from which to grow. Breaking down silos through customer data will ensure everyone is on the same page. Customer data is essential in adapting to your customers’ evolving needs and ensuring that you provide a successful customer experience that will help you retain customers and grow your business.

Digital Velocity 2023 Future-Proof Your BusinessDigital Velocity 2023: Future-Proof Your Business 

Over the course of three days, we’ll explore key strategies for surviving and thriving in dynamic times, innovative ways to leverage first-party data, and the power of connected and secure customer data to future-proof your business. We’ll also examine top customer data use cases for growing and retaining your customer base, empowering your teams and business to ride the waves of change with stability.

Day 1, “Customer Centricity: How to Grow and Retain Your Customer Base,” features sessions on how to survive and even thrive in dynamic times, the future of first-party data and CAPI, and how innovative companies are creating customer-centric experiences. You’ll learn how CDPs can help your business now, how to leverage Tealium to delight customers and drive expansion, and how to maximize cost savings through first-party data.

Day 2, “Privacy & Security: Creating Trusted Customer Experiences Through Privacy & Data,” focuses on future-proofing your data privacy and compliance efforts, data-driven growth, and a customer-centric approach in a privacy-first world. You’ll hear key examples from leading companies on how they’re future-proofing their privacy efforts, and learn how to empower your CX programs with confidence utilizing privacy-conscious, first-party data.

Day 3 offers two exclusive tracks: “A CMO Exclusive: The Top Ways First-Party Data Can Help You Meet Your Marketing Goals Now” and “A CTO Exclusive: Tech Stack Optimization and Productivity Lift Through Unified Customer Data.” Hear from CMOs and CTOs at industry-leading brands on how to build customer-centric experiences, drive growth and loyalty, build trust, and deliver cost savings in crazy market conditions. You’ll also learn how to unify your existing technologies through a central, universal customer data hub to drive optimizations and improved productivity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to future-proof your business and create certainty with your customers in uncertain times. Register now for Digital Velocity 2023 and stay flexible, agile, and ahead of the curve.

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Hilary is Director of Content at Tealium.

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