We are excited to announce our new product feature, Consent Integrations for Tealium iQ Tag Management. Here at Tealium, we like to say that customer data is a company’s greatest asset. However, that same data when collected without consent, can be its greatest liability. 

The privacy and consent landscape is shifting rapidly in a way that’s critical for brands to adjust to provide compelling customer experiences while complying with new regulations and technology changes. According to a report by Gartner, by year-end 2024, 75% of the world’s population will have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations.

Businesses need to consider the following factors:

  • Diverse regulations are emerging that give consumers rights over their data. To comply, businesses need the ability to control how they collect and utilize data. 
  • These regulations (combined with technology changes and elevated customer expectations around privacy) restrict data practices, thereby chipping away at companies’ options to personalize experiences and measure engagement. 
  • Gaining explicit consent requires a successful value exchange with customers, so there is a strategic element in addition to the technology.
  • Regional and use case compliance needs mean agile management of consent data is required.

Siloed and unconsented data not only leads to poor customer experiences, but also an inability to honor preferences, build trust, and comply with regulations – putting an organization at risk.

Businesses need a central tool, integrated throughout the tech stack, that automates enforcement of privacy across the customer experience.

In order to best compete, companies need to get really good at managing consent.

Tealium is here to help.

New from Tealium – Consent Integrations for Tealium iQ!

With our new Consent Integrations for Tealium iQ Tag Management, you can easily enforce your customer’s consent preferences captured by non-Tealium consent management platforms. Each consent integration provides the option for opt-in (GDPR-style) and opt-out (CCPA-style) enforcement patterns, ensuring compliance with critical data privacy regulations. Integrations are available for Didomi, OneTrust, and Usercentrics, along with an integration that respects any opt-out cookie or the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal. The offering includes a flexible consent enforcement framework to ensure consent preferences are managed properly and supports custom integration development with other CMPs.

The Benefits 

With Tealium’s Consent Integrations working together with the consent enforcement framework, you’ll have the tools to effectively protect your user’s privacy and honor their consent preferences thereby reducing the risk of regulatory violations and fines.

Our out-of-the-box integrations are fully supported and maintained by Tealium’s privacy experts reducing the chances of data leaks or loss from custom-coded CMP integrations. And we are working on even more integrations with other popular CMPs. Take the guesswork out of creating custom integrations and future-proof your consent management strategy today. Ask your Tealium account manager or request a demo for more details.

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