Tealium is excited to announce we recently won the 2018 Topline Titan Lithy Award. I sat down with Justin Fitzgerald, Information Architect at Tealium, to get the inside scoop on what the awards are, what criteria we won the award on, and what the win means for Tealium.

Julie: What are the Lithy Awards? Who puts them on?

Justin: The Tealium Learning Community (TLC) runs on Lithium software, a community and social engagement platform. Lithium holds an annual contest called the Lithy Awards to honor brands who are delivering amazing customer experiences using new and effective strategies.

Julie: How exciting that we won the Topline Titan Award! What award is that? What was the criteria?

Justin: The Topline Titan is one of 10 award categories in the contest. It honors the brand with the most impactful results to the sales revenue (top line) of the business. This included tracking any sales deals where the contacts for that company spent a significant amount of time exploring the resources of TLC. We calculated an impressive amount in sales influence in 2018!

Julie: What is the Tealium Learning Community (TLC)? How does that benefit our prospects, partners, and customers?

Justin: TLC is the central hub of learning resources for users of the Tealium Customer Data Hub.The active forums and wealth of knowledge base content are a powerful influence during the sales process.  When prospects can see the support they will get in the forums, they are convinced that they are joining an active community. And for those developers that don’t want to talk to a salesperson, the documentation is readily available, which builds confidence in knowing that our product does what we say it does.

We also have a Product Ideas area where current customers submit and vote on their favorite enhancement and features for the product. It’s really exciting to be able to release updates to the product that have been voted on by our most loyal customers. It’s another way that TLC demonstrates our commitment to our customers and to our product.

Julie: How do we celebrate the Tealium community? And honor and acknowledge those who are participating and contributing the most?

Justin: We were inspired by Lithium’s Lithy Awards to give out our own awards internally to honor the amazing contributions to TLC by Tealium employees. In addition to those salespeople who were leveraging the power of TLC to influence, we also honored the Customer Success team for contributing to the knowledge base, referencing TLC content in support cases, and for answering the most challenging questions in the forums.

Julie: What do we have to look forward to in the future for the Tealium Community? What’s on the horizon?

Justin: TLC is getting a design refresh in Q1 2019. Our goal is to create a more seamless experience as a customer moves from the product into TLC. We’re also applying a global navigation bar to all TLC resources to create a unified and consistent look and feel to make it easier to find all of our great learning content.

Thank you, Justin!

To join Tealium forums, read the documentation, learn more about our partners, and submit your product ideas visit our Tealium Learning Community here.

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Julie Graham
Julie is the Senior Field Demand Generation Manager at Tealium

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