Friday Favorites: 5 MarTech Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

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MarTech news is exciting, innovative, and everywhere – feeling like you can’t get through it all? Tealium’s got you covered! Each Friday we’ll share our top recommended readings from the week.

Losing Touch? Remastering The Art of Customer Conversation
A Marketing Magazine Article

‘Know your audience’ is a long-standing marketing goal. Consumers produce more than 120,000 petabytes of data each month. In theory, marketers have all the information they need to gain insight into their audience’s preferences. But in reality, many marketers are struggling to…keep reading.

The Killer Questions To Ask Before Beginning A Digital Transformation
A Marketing Week Article

The key to digital transformation and the most powerful question you can ask yourself is “what would your business look like if you started it today?”. It’s such a provocative question that it draws a defensive reply. Nearly everyone on the planet understands that knowing what they know now, knowing what technology is now…keep reading.

The Final Steps in Data Mobilization: Analytics and AI
A CMS Wire Article

Analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are two of the hottest topics in the technology industry today. Unfortunately, they are also two of the most widely misunderstood and misapplied topics. From performing the job of radiologists to redefining the world of art, it’s widely assumed AI, in particular, will be a game-changer for almost every endeavor in the years to come, if it…keep reading.

Reverse Brexit? What Are The Implications For UK Tech?
An Information Age Article

Brexit has been the most talked about socio-economic and political issue over the last two years. The impact of the UK leaving the EU is having ripple effects across the world, but what if it could all be taken back — an ideal scenario for the…keep reading.

The Most Productive People Read These 5 Books
A Fast Company Article

Every year Fast Company taps some of the most productive people in business, entertainment, politics and more to find out their secrets to getting so much done. We get a peek inside their routines and habits and even some of their favorite books that…keep reading.

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