Friday Favorites: 5 MarTech Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

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Mobile Behavior – Ready To Enter The ‘Safe-Zone’?
A MarTech Series Article

Consumer behavior on mobile devices is profoundly influenced by a phenomenon called a ‘safe-zone’ – a unique state of relaxation and psychological comfort triggered by engagement with a smartphone. In fact, research points to the fact that the device itself often serves as an attachment object that people turn to in times of worry or stress. This ‘safe-zone’ creates a fundamental…keep reading.

7 Of The Year’s Best Books On Tech
A Fast Company Article

Big books in 2018 schooled us on where we stand in the context of a larger era. They covered everything from the patriarchal foundations of the tech industry to clipped-winged unicorns and the next space race. Here are a handful of our favorite tech books of…keep reading.

Creative Is The Next Frontier For Data-Driven Marketing
An AdExchanger Article

Ever since the ad industry made “creative” a noun, agencies and creatives have defended its mystique against an onslaught of data-driven optimization. Effective creative is forged from empathy and storytelling skills, the argument goes, along with humor, passion and other qualities beyond the reach of algorithms. Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) and personalization engines might help…keep reading.

Will 2019 Be A Momentous Year For Mobile Marketing?
A ClickZ Article

Consumers are captivated by their smartphones, with the average US adult expected to spend more than three and a half hours a day on mobile devices this year. So it’s little wonder brands are ramping up smartphone spend, with mobile – which already accounts for almost 70% of digital advertising – expected to account for almost…keep reading.

5 Habits Of Strategic Thinkers
A Forbes Article

Although we’re going to focus mostly on managers, CEOs and other leaders in the industry and the workplace, the idea of becoming a more strategic thinker is something that should appeal to everybody. Are you the head of a household and worried about charting your financial life until your kids are out of college? Are you a civil servant trying to get the pieces to come together on…keep reading.

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