Data integration is not a new concept, but as technology evolves, the need for automated data integrations across all channels and platforms across all departments becomes more pervasive. Traditional data integration can be a cumbersome process, with some aspects requiring  manual effort which can be time consuming and prone to inconsistencies. 

All companies have access to massive amounts of valuable customer data – be it your own first party data, second party data you acquire through a partner, or third party data you acquire through purchase (which is in the process of changing dramatically). 

Putting that data to good use typically comes down to how easy it is to access it, get insights out of it for your unique use, and distribute those insights across all the systems where it can make a difference.

Enter our latest product launch – Integrate Everything – for technical marketers and developers that need flexible options for collecting, transforming, and activating data from all their data sources and back into all their necessary channels. 

It literally integrates… everything.

First, let’s outline the three primary functions of these new enhancements to automated data integrations within our already flexible and extensive vendor integrations.

  1. These new products help you collect data from a variety of sources, in a more automated and efficient way.
  2. We have also added new capabilities that give you options for data transformation on the fly. Not all data is perfectly formatted on the way in, and organizing your data into the right format should not suck productivity. 
  3. Finally, we have added even more integrations and automated processes to make getting your data back out into your channels and tools – like data warehouses or advertising venues, for example – easier than ever before.

But not all companies are alike, from different sizes, to different industries, with different goals and purposes. In this article, we take a look at the unique benefits of our new Integrate Everything product releases for different industries.

Breaking down the unique benefits of more automated data integrations for major industries:

Industry Specific Use Cases of Integrate Everything Chart

Integrate Everything helps all companies to… 

  • Target or suppress the best customers and prospects from programs….those programs could be anything under the sun. Acquisition, cross-sell, CX, etc
  • Inform better context for CX….reference what kind of products they like
  • Privacy is to maintain better overall privacy across all channels, reduce risk, build trust
  • Reduce risk of managing data channel by channel
  • Provide more personalized experience to frequent travelers

What kinds of data are we talking about? In a lot of instances, it’s probably data you’ve used in some fashion already, and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve considered using it. We’re talking about data like….

Product DataWebsite or mobile data can have product IDs and details that are not marketer or analyst friendly; Important for ecommerce and brands with larger product catalogs 

Reference Loyalty Data – The loyalty dataset is huge and not all of it is relevant to the CDP, but some elements are critical for personalization; Important for subscription, healthcare and insurance industries 

Enrich with Enterprise IDs – Include all relevant IDs from various tools with each event or visitor and connect multiple brands / clouds together; Great for enterprises with multiple brands/clouds

Integration 2nd/ 3rd Party Data – Without 3rd party cookies, leveraging 3rd party and 2nd party datasets in real-time can be a big integration effort; Important for brands using external datasets – healthcare / media / finance 

So if this is data you’ve thought about using before, why hasn’t it generally been leveraged to its full potential? 

Companies across all industries need automated data integrations to reduce friction, reduce risk of managing data by channel, free up their staff’s time for more strategic initiatives, and meet customer expectations. That’s what Integrate Everything is here to solve. We do not live in silos. We are multitasking at all times, engaging with multiple channels at once nearly every waking hour. Companies need help keeping pace, and Integrate Everything is the fuel needed to power this amazing CX opportunity. 

Click here to learn more about our Integrate Everything product release!

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Hilary Noonan
Hilary is Director of Content at Tealium.

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