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For technical marketers and developers that need flexible options but don’t have tons of time.

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The Swiss Army Knife of Data Management

Empower the whole business, from developers to marketers, to use data the way you imagine it. Every part of your business impacts the customer. That’s why, when it comes to customer data, your business needs a solution at the heart of everything connecting the dots. That solution must be flexible, robust, and connected. Tealium’s ‘Integrate Everything’ release gives you access to more data types than ever, more flexibility in how you customize that data to your business, and the critical connections to the tech ecosystem to put it to work. For documentation and ongoing updates, check out the Tealium Learning Center.
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The Latest Tealium Release Expands on Our Industry-Leading Flexibility and Integrations

The whole business can now access data from wherever it lives, customize it to make it more valuable for CX and analysis, and ultimately use it to drive customer value.

Automate Data Integration
New Data Types
Easily Sync Data
Customize Data Flows
Maintain Security and Privacy

Workflow Automation to Access Enterprise Data

New tool to automate bringing in the data you want, when you want it. And with a no-code interface sure to please developers and technical business users alike.

Leverage New Data Types Alongside the Customer Profile

Some data doesn’t belong in the customer profile, but is still relevant to providing rich customer experiences. Get new options for referencing contextual data— like Product Data, Loyalty Data, Multi-brand Data, and more— alongside customer profiles to produce richer experiences and more flexibility and scalability in how you use data.

Sync Data With Enterprise Data Warehouses and Use Cutting Edge Integrations

Improved integration with enterprise data warehouses with ETL tools to give you options in how you drive maximum value from your customer data foundation. Or leverage the latest integrations in Tealium's ever-expanding integration marketplace to address 3rd party cookie loss and bring in evolving new insights made available by walled gardens.

Customize Data Flows In or Out

The sheer diversity of data and use cases for data within an enterprise demand rich options if you’re going to maximize its use. With new ways of transforming and referencing data as it comes into the Customer Data Hub or on the way out means if you can think it, you can do it with your customer data.

Maintain Security and Privacy

Enterprise-grade infrastructure following the highest security standards. And new ways for integrating privacy data to minimize risk and build trust with your customer data foundation.

Get More Data

The data platform at the foundation of customer experience needs to give you options for bringing data to the system efficiently and with as low a technical bar as possible.

Data Connect
File Import
Mobile Data Collection
Integrate Everything - Data Connect

NEW FEATURE: Data Connect

Automate data integration workflows with enterprise data sources like data warehouses, data lakes and cloud applications (opening up automated access to enterprise data sources without the manual data wrangling). Data Connect also supplies lookup tables that can be used in combination with the customer profile for contextual data.


More robust ingestion of data from files (a very common data source) to incorporate PGP encryption, compression, higher size limits, new file formats, and a new dashboard for reporting.

Quality Data

ENHANCED FEATURE: Mobile Data Collection

Enhanced tracking capabilities to ease integration of data from mobile devices and apps alongside data from other sources in the customer profile.

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Customize How You Use It

Tealium Data Functions
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NEW FEATURE - Tealium Functions: Transformations and Actions

Transform real-time, streaming data as it’s collected, and host and manage your global transformation rules within a single platform instead of within each individual source.

APIs - Integrate Everything
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Build on top of Tealium capabilities to power CX and integrate Tealium functionality into existing development workflows for more efficiency.

Put it to Work

Integrate Everything - Data Sync
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Robust streaming of data directly to your cloud data warehouses keeping your entire customer data supply chain in sync from collection, to storage, and everywhere in between. Fuel analytics and data science initiatives, or ensure better CX consistency across enterprise systems.

Integrate Everything - Connectors Logos
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NEW CONNECTORS: Conversions APIs and Deeper Journey Integrations

Address Signal Loss due to regulations, ad blockers, and the deprecation of 3rd party cookies with the latest conversions APIs from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more (and coming soon: Amazon Advertising). Our latest integrations also allow you to better integrate with emerging customer journey tools like Braze and Airship.

Deliver the Best Outcomes, Without Limitations

Tealium features over 1,300+ turnkey integrations so you can quickly and effectively connect your systems and data.

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