We’re excited to launch The Definitive Guide to Customer Data Platforms into the world. CDPs are quickly becoming a staple of the martech stack, but their capabilities and potential are still being explored by the companies who have adopted them and those who are considering them.

At Tealium, customer data is at the core of what we do; we’ve been helping companies unify customer data and deliver real-time customer experiences with our AudienceStream CDP since 2013—before “CDP” was even a term.

This guide is intended for people who have never thought about a CDP before, people who are already using a CDP, and everyone in between.

If you’re new to the technology, here’s our definition of a Customer Data Platform: A CDP is a technology that collects data in a governed way from sources like web, mobile, in store, call center, and IoT, unifies it to create accurate customer profiles in real time, then makes it accessible to and actionable for other tools and technology. A Customer Data Platform offers a balance of speed and agility— unifying customer data into profiles in real time— and stability— providing a single source of truth for your customer engagement tools.

We know Customer Data Platforms are transformative because we’ve seen the unique ways our customers have succeeded with the technology. But for many buyers on the outside looking in at a CDP, it might be daunting.

Why Did We Write The Definitive Guide to Customer Data Platforms?

We wrote The Definitive Guide to Customer Data Platforms to help companies see how a CDP can help them deliver on some of their most important and strategic goals, including:

  • Delivering a single view of the customer to improve engagements and increase conversions;
  • Creating a more trustworthy brand by simplifying customer data governance;
  • Empowering multiple teams with unified data and insights;
  • Delivering more value through their current tech stack; and
  • Enabling critical operational efficiency and business agility.

The future of marketing is rapidly changing. With third-party cookie loss on the horizon, new data privacy regulations changing the way companies handle customer data, and shifting consumer expectations with the acceleration of digital transformation, marketers have more hurdles than ever to crafting the best customer experience.

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But with the right teams, processes, and technology, in place, marketers and CX professional can not only survive, they can thrive.

What Can You Expect From This Guide?

I feel a little bit like Stefon from SNL saying this, but The Definitive Guide to Customer Data Platforms has it all. In this Guide, you’ll find

  • How a CDP can impact teams and strategies across the organization;
  • Proven use cases for CDPs;
  • Strategic steps to help you get started;
  • Stories and insights from current CDP users;
  • Tips for buying and measuring the impact of a CDP; and
  • Where the technology goes in the future.

This Guide is intended to be a valuable resource no matter what stage you’re at in your CDP journey. But don’t just take my word for it, listen to what the CDP Institute’s David Raab has to say.

This paper is a one-stop-shop for Customer Data Platform industry wisdom, from basic definitions to details of implementation planning.  If you’re still confused about what a CDP is, why you’d want one, or how to buy it, this is the place to get started.  If you know all the answers, it’s still worth a look to get a second opinion on topics you already understand.
Start Your Customer Data Platform Journey Today

The challenges marketers face aren’t going to get easier. Year after year, you’ll continue to have more customer data than ever. There are more privacy regulations to contend with in the future. Digital acceleration isn’t going to slow down because you’re not ready.

There are any number of reasons you may be considering a Customer Data Platform, but there’s no reason not to download our Definitive Guide to help you discover new ideas and start out on the right foot with the technology.

Get your copy of The Definitive Guide to Customer Data Platforms and learn more about how it can help your team adapt and overcome today’s toughest marketing challenges!

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