podcast about data privacy and digital transformationTealium’s very own Director of Data Privacy, Julian Llorente Perdigones, recently sat down with The Inside Digital Transformation Podcast to talk about the impact that data privacy is having on organizations’ ability worldwide to innovate with digital technologies.

Listen here.

What is digital transformation?

It’s embracing technology and embedding it into the company culture. Technology must be adapted to internal teams and processes, or else the new tools will not survive in or support the organization. And digital transformation also means using technology to challenge the status quo. But data privacy is impacting how organizations can navigate and create their own path forward with digital transformation. 

With host Allen Bernard, a tech journalist, editor, and copywriter covering the intersection of business and technology for over two decades, they discuss the impact of GDPR and challenges created by newly emerging privacy regulations in the United States. They talk about the impact of data privacy on the ability to get and keep customer trust, as well as the difficulties privacy creates for Agile developers. And they discuss the business value of strong privacy practices even in emerging markets and how companies can manage privacy issues by creating multi-disciplinary teams that keep your organization on the right side of regulators and customers. 

Ready to build a blueprint for incorporating data privacy into your digital transformation initiatives?

  1. Understand the regulations.
  2. Focus on having clarity internally on the data you process. 
  3. Learn how to apply regulations to your own business.
  4. Adapt to new regulations.

Take a listen.

And for more information on incorporating data privacy into your customer relationships, check out our eBook, “In Data We Trust” for tactical information on how to use data privacy as a method for gaining trust and creating meaningful connections with your customers.

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